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Dating as an Asian single parent in the UK

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Let’s start with something that might be harder to answer than you expect: “What do you want?”

Single parents are already strapped for time, but thinking about what you want and acting on it won’t just make you happier, it will make your life easier. If you think you might like someone in your life, the spark of someone new to spend time with, or are just interested in seeing what’s out there, Even is here to help you start dating again as an Asian single parent.

How can Even help me find Asian dates in the UK?

Being a single parent is hard! We know that. So we’ve designed an app with single parents in mind. If you want to start dating again, we are here to help. If you’re not ready yet, then take your time and find a place where you’re happy. You’re a single parent, prioritise yourself.

Here to support you through your dating journey, Even’s dating app won’t intrude on your family time.
We want to help single parents have fun, start dating and make sure you know how to date while keeping your family your first priority.

Single parenting in Asian culture

There can be a lot of stigmas attached to being a single parent in some cultures, we know that.
For people of Asian descent, guilt about divorce, separation or widowing can make dating again really hard.

Luckily, there are more and more resources out there for Asian single parents in the UK.
Whether it’s dating, friendship or just some support with parenting itself, the Asian Single Parenting Network has a plethora of advice and help to guide you through whatever it is you need.

A few dating tips

Being a single parent might be the top of your list, but if you’re ready and willing to start dating, then there’s no need to feel guilty about it! Remember that parents deserve affection, support and loving relationships just like everyone else.

Make time for dating

Making time for your dating life is one of the most important things when you’re getting back out there. It can be intimidating, but time management and letting someone that you’re dating know when you’re free is key to making them feel wanted and secure.
Then there’s making sure you never double book yourself or accidentally have any awkward encounters. Maybe switch to lunch dates, coffee in the afternoon or a post-school drop off breakfast date instead of late nights out at bars – less babysitting means more time with the kids!

Let go of stereotypes

Everyone has an opinion, right? It can be hurtful to hear them, but it’s important to learn to ignore the voices around you sometimes and make your own mind up. Think about what is best for you. Do you want to date? Go for it! Do you need some time to decide? No problem at all. The main thing is that you take the time to consider what you want from your single parent lifestyle and don’t feel trapped by other peoples’ rules.

Waiting for the right time

Sometimes it can be a year, a decade, or even most of a lifetime, but you should wait until you’re ready to date as a single parent. Don’t feel pressured by anyone, and remember that there’s no right or wrong time to start dating as a single parent – it’s all down to you.

Privacy can be key

Talking to your family when you’re an Asian single parent can be hard. Whether it’s stigma from extended family members, close friends or even your community, the pressure and judgement from others is something that you don’t need right now. Letting go of any blame is an important step, for yourself and for the future of your children. Dating might not be your main priority – and that’s ok! Leave the dating until you’re ready, until you have time for someone else in your life, and until you’ve worked out what you need from others. But remaining private about dating and your love life until you’re ready is key, too. As an independent adult, you can make decisions for yourself, and it’s no one else’s business whether you’re dating, happily single or haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Stay strong, stay true to yourself

Your family will thank you. You’re already a strong and independent person – you can parent all by yourself!
Trying to be everything to your children can be overwhelming.

But don’t forget: even though you’re a parent, you need me-time.
Dating isn’t a dirty word for single parents and sometimes leaving the kids with their grandparents is a great way to expose them to new people, experiences and get some brand new stories to hear when you’re home.

Single parent dating doesn’t have to be scary!

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether you’re a freshly single parent trying to date for the first time in a while, or a parent of teenagers who you think might be ready to start being more independent, Even will be there every step of the way to help and support you.

Single parenting can be tough, but it’s better with friends!

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