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It’s no secret that dating can be very expensive. From the dates themselves to getting the best out of your dating apps and getting top tips on how to curate your profile, there’s a fair bit of money involved.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Free dating apps are increasingly popular nowadays, but how do you pick the right app for you? And why do people pay for them anyway?

Do I need to pay for dating apps?

When you’re online dating, you’re looking for something (or someone) new, exciting and someone you can really, really get along with. Even if you just end up friends, using dating apps to find people near you can be a little bit of a minefield. That leaves the question: should you pay for dating apps? In short, not always.

Free dating apps have generally scored better for overall satisfaction, with most people who use them seeing them as cost-effective and usually enough to get a few dates every now and then. The only issue with dating apps can be the time spent looking for someone you are interested in. We know single parents don’t always have the most time, so we’ve tried to make Even as easy to use as possible.

For us, we view online dating as an investment, one that gives you the best chance to meet single parents you could have something special with. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it receiving thousands of unwanted messages on a free dating app – subscribing to Even can help you find potential dates with filters, features and total access to a dating app. To save time, subscribe.

It’s free to register on Even

Make dating fun again! If you’re new to online dating or if you haven’t done it in a while and don’t know where to begin, you can register for free on Even to start your single parent dating adventure.
There’s no need to commit with Even, you can register with us and see where it takes you. If you’ve used some free dating apps before, you know that they can be a minefield of people you don’t have anything in common with, people who are looking for quick flings or people who just aren’t right for you.
But at Even, we’re here for single parents who aren’t always the most time-rich. We can help you find people who you get along with – without having the need to explain your family to them.

Our guide to dating a single mom

The do’s and don’t’s of dating a single mom, by Even.
Single parent dating made quick and easy for you to sit back and enjoy the journey.

How to date a single mom?

Browse the profiles of single parents

It’s normal that being a parent changes dating for you – you have a lot more to think about! But here at Even, we want single parents to be comfortable getting out there and meet someone new. Whether you’re ready to start dating or if you’re just curious to have a look to what’s out there, you can take the time to get chatting and set up a date that you actually want to go on.

Why choose Even to start dating?

We know that you’re looking for someone special, so at Even, we are designed for single parents who are looking to meet someone genuine, real and who you can really enjoy spending time with. You have the right to date and be a parent, without compromising your family values. It’s not just about the kids, you need space to be you, celebrate yourself and find company to enjoy life with.

Support to find that special someone

When looking for the best free online dating apps, it’s important to consider what help each app is offering as you find someone who’s right for you. At Even, we have lots of features that can guide you towards a better, more fulfilling dating life.

Free dating app for single parents

Make dating fun again! If you’re new to online dating or if you haven’t done it in a while and don’t know where to begin, you can register for free on Even.

Start your single parent dating adventure today!

Cheap date ideas

Ok, so we don’t want to spend all our money on dates, who can blame us?! We’d rather have a great day out with the kids than splash the cash on expensive dinners and cocktail nights, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want the romance of a good date every now and then. So what is there to do? Well, dates don’t have to break the bank and it’s easy to find something you love doing near you for nearly free anyway.

If you’re looking for some cheap dating ideas (that you can do whenever the kids aren’t around), here’s a few of our best suggestions:

  • Visit the botanical gardens or go for a walk:
    Great for daytimes dates! Going on a date to the botanical gardens isn’t just cost-effective, it’s a relaxing way to spend a day when the kids are out or even a good way to introduce someone to your family after a while of dating.
  • Play a round of mini golf:
    Big kids welcome. Playing mini golf is the teenage flick equivalent of ultimate romantic dates, pretend to be bad, get competitive, mini golf is always fun.
  • Take an afternoon off at a museum or art gallery:
    If you’re in need of a little inspiration and wonder in your week, taking an afternoon to go and stroll around a gallery or museum is much more chilled out than going for drinks – and cheaper too.
  • Pick up a few bits at a market:
    Two birds, one stone. You don’t have to take loads of time off childcare to go on dates, you can have it all! Poking around a market is a conversation starter and you can get a few bits.
  • The simple, traditional coffee date:
    The best part about going for a coffee date is that you can do it whenever. If you only have time during your lunch at work or in the morning after dropping the kids off, a quicker meeting can be an easy date for the time (and perhaps cash) strapped.
  • Go to a Sunday morning matinee at the theatre:
    If the kids are at a playdate, you can go to a matinee. Everyone loves the theatre and the cheapest tickets are the Sunday matinee – can we say convenient?
  • Get competitive at a sports game:
    Going to a sports match is a fun first date, but it might be best to go and see something neither you or your date are huge fans of to avoid any over-competitiveness and prevent any rants at referees.

Finding the best free dating apps for meaningful relationships

It can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking choosing the right service to look for that special someone. If you’re searching for the best dating apps for relationships with free registration, we think Even will be just the ticket. With our advice for single parents and our app, you can be sure that you’re seeing profiles for single parents who could be exactly what you’re looking for. Our personalized selection of detailed profiles will help you find people who really suit you.

Dating a single dad

What is it like to date a single dad in the UK? Here’s our advice on single dad dating using Even, the dating app for single parents to take control of their love lives.

Start dating a single dad

Is Even the best free dating app for me?

Different dating apps have different approaches to dating. We’ve designed our free dating app with single parents in mind. From advice and tips on how to manage your family and dating lives concurrently to finding single parents in your area (even if you’re not a parent yet).

For us, we want single parents to have full lives and that includes dating (affordably!). Even can help you find something really special with someone you really like and balance your commitment and love for your family at the same time.

No need to worry about the kids

We’ve all heard the horror stories from free dating apps. Bad dates, uncomfortable chats with strangers and the endless stringing along of people who say they ‘don’t want anything serious’ only to end up with the next person they match with after you.

Some free dating apps can come with a lot of spam messages or profiles with little to no information about the person themselves, making it harder to filter through and find the right kind of people you want to date. They can also tend to focus on promoting casual, short-term flings over real relationships.

It’s no secret that as a single parent, you might feel differently about dating and particularly using apps, but we aren’t here for short flings, online flirtations that never go anywhere or any time-wasting. We want you to be yourself and have a fun and fresh dating life.

Searching for online dating apps with free sign-up?

When you’re choosing the right place to start your dating journey, you want the chance to give an app a try before spending any money. Not all dating apps are free to sign up for, but here at Even, you can get a feel for our service without any obligations.

If you feel that you’re ready to have a look at what’s out there or if you’re just looking for some dating advice and reassurance, Even is here to get you back into the world of dating, no matter how long it’s been! (We get that going to kids parties can actually be fun sometimes, but it’s alright if you’d rather go on a date this weekend!).

Taking your first steps back into the dating world as a single parent has never been so freeing! Download Even and meet single parents who understand you.

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Meeting new people to date can be intimidating and time-consuming, that’s why we made Even, just for single parents who prioritise their time, money and energy.
There’s no need to splash out on an expensive dating app with Even, we are here to help single parents find people they want to be with.



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