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Dating a single dad

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As of 2019, there are 40,000 single dads in the UK and this number is growing every year. Being a single dad isn’t the rare thing it used to be, which can be good for the dads themselves as building communities and stigma becomes a thing of the past (not quickly enough, if you ask us, but we’re working on it). Dating a single dad shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of, dads are as much a part of our lives as moms and dating is for everyone – so start looking for single dads near you today on Even.

Our guide to dating a single mom

The do’s and don’t’s of dating a single mom, by Even.
Single parent dating made quick and easy for you to sit back and enjoy the journey.

How to date a single mom?

How does Even work?

Even is an app that we created for single parents looking to date, whether they’re a dad, a mom or a non-binary parent, we are here to help them find – or rediscover – romantic lives. It can be time-consuming to date, so we’ve made it easier for single parents to find someone who understands that their priority isn’t always dating, it can be your children and your family. It’s important to consider when looking to date a single dad, that they aren’t just a figurehead for your desires, single parents are people looking for relationships, companionship and deserve the same admiration and appreciation as everyone else.

Remember that Even isn’t just for single parents, but understand that we are here predominantly for them. So if you feel that you might like the idea of a dating a single parent – or even having a relationship with one, we are here to help!

Why should I date a single dad?

There are lots of reasons to date a single dad! First, dating a single dad might be different from dating people you’re used to, so remember to be open-minded and be ready for new and honest conversations. But single dads can be less self-centred than other guys, and they are used to having responsibilities and looking after people. They can often be more sensitive towards the feelings of others – we always encourage you to be open how you feel, single father dating or not. If you’re dating a single dad, you can be sure he wants to date you, because otherwise he’d be with his kids!

If you want to date a man with a kid, it’s important to think about how they feel. It might be a new thing to start a relationship as a father for them, and there’s no promise that it will be smooth going. Remember that it’s not always about you when they can’t make that date because their child has a parents’ evening, and you need to come from a place of understanding with that.

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What’s Even’s advice for dating a single dad (or parent)?

Don’t forget that of single dads are an integral part of our society nowadays, and they should be respected and supported in every way possible – especially when it comes to finding a partner who is a single dad.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few first tips for when you’re dating (or just looking to date) a single dad:

 1. Define your goals

What do you want from your dating life? You can be sure that single dads have taken the time to figure out what it is they’re looking for. Whether it’s just someone they can relax and have fun with or someone to take out when the babysitter is in, single parents have to consider their time and energy restrictions when it comes to dating, so you should too.

2. Unless he’s a widow, his kids will be about – get used to it.

Even is your single dad has gone through a divorce, his children will always come first, and you should respect that. If you’re someone who wants to be the centre of someone else’s universe, maybe dating a single dad isn’t for you. But if you have your own kids and are OK with perhaps a little more time and space to yourself, dating a single parent could be the ideal person for you.

3. Don’t pressure commitment

People need time and there’s nothing wrong with that. When it comes to dating a single dad, you can’t expect to be allowed into all aspects of their life right away. When you’re looking for dates or relationships as a single parent, it can be like putting yourself out there for the first time in forever. So be gentle with them and get to know them before you go expecting things from them! Being hesitant for you to meet their kid (or kids) is perfectly normal, they want to protect them, and it’s important to respect that.

Don’t forget that of single dads are an integral part of our society nowadays, and they should be respected and supported in every way possible

4. Be romantic

Everyone is looking for a little romance in their life – and being romantic towards men might not always be the way things are done, but why not?! Try taking a single dad on a surprise date somewhere (as long as you make sure they can make it, of course) isn’t just sweet. It can show how much you want to treat them well – and how much you like your partner. Gender roles be damned, we’re here for treating a man with the same romance as we want!

5. Hone your own listening skills –

It can be awkward at first to listen to someone explaining their lives to you on a first date. But taking the time to listen and really hear them out is what creates a strong bond between two people. It’s often the case that men are expected to listen and are not listened to on dates. So showing someone you appreciate them by attentively listening to them is the road to a healthy dynamic – and really getting to know them for them.

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