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Being a parent is your most important role; we know that. But if you’re ready to dip your toes back into the dating, Even is here to help you kick off your dating journey.

It can be hard to date as a single parent, we all know that. So we designed a dating app to support you through the process. If you’re looking for other single parents near you or if you’re just interested in looking at what is out there, Even can guide you through your dating journey.

What is Even?

Even is a dating app designed with single parents in mind. Whether you’re unsure about getting back into dating or are just looking for some advice, Even is here to help you along the way.

Always here to support you through your dating adventure, Even’s dating app won’t intrude on your family time.
We want to help single parents have fun, start dating and make sure you know how to date whilst keeping your family your first priority.

Free dating app for single parents

Make dating fun again! If you’re new to online dating or if you haven’t done it in a while and don’t know where to begin, you can register for free on Even.

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Dating advice for single mums

Being a single mum might be the top of your list, but if you’re ready and willing to start dating then there’s no need to feel guilty about it!
Mums deserve affection, support and loving relationships just like everyone else.

Be open minded

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to date another single parent!
There are plenty of people out there who love kids but don’t necessarily have their own yet or people who are loving, supportive partners no matter what the familial situation of their other half is.

If a someone without kids asks you out, don’t be stressed that they haven’t changed a nappy or stayed up all night with a crying baby doesn’t mean they won’t be great with your kids some day.

Make the time for dating – and don’t feel guilty about it!

Time can be a hot commodity when you’re dating, but when you’re trying to get back into dating, it’s important that you make it.
Instead of dinner dates, try lunch times at work, afternoon coffee or even a breakfast date!
Remember that keeping a diary isn’t just a good habit – it’s an easy way to keep track of what you’re doing day-to-day. It’s also important to make sure you don’t make your date feel like they are taking up all your time, it can make them feel guilty (and no one wants to feel like that when they’re dating!).

Never hide your children

There’s no shame in being a parent: it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Pretending to be someone you aren’t or hiding a part of yourself to appear more appealing to someone is not it. You can’t find someone and build trust with them if you’re not open.
  • Chatting away about how your kids are doing in school might be a buzz-kill, but don’t forget to mention that they’re a part of your life.
  • Talk about you, your interests, your desires and your beliefs. You’re still an individual and you should strive to find someone who suits you, not just someone who will fit into your children’s life. The right person will!

Our guide to dating a single mom

The do’s and don’t’s of dating a single mom, by Even.
Single parent dating made quick and easy for you to sit back and enjoy the journey.

How to date a single mom?

Figure out the right time to introduce your partner to your kids

Going from dating into a relationship can be an uncertain and exciting time for you personally – but what do you do when it comes to your kids?

  • If your children are younger, it’s better to start introductions as a ‘new friend’ (some people don’t agree, but if you’re dating, aren’t you friends anyway?!), it can help them get used to someone being around without thinking of them as threatening.
  • If your kids are older and slightly resistant to your new partner, that’s ok too. Just make sure they don’t think your partner is a replacement parent – that’s a big no-no.

Build your confidence

Nerves are expected, but insecurity is something that can be worked on! Dating is a bit scary after having a break, but you can take a deep breath, tell yourself you’ll be ok and walk in to any room with your head held high! You can do this, and you do deserve happiness.
Always have fun and dating is just a new experience – embrace it.

And don’t forget: Even though you’re a mum, you need me-time.
Dating isn’t a dirty word for single parents and sometimes leaving the kids with their grandparents is a great way to expose them to new people, experiences and get some brand new stories to hear when you’re home!

Dating advice for single dads

We know single dads are out there too, and don’t worry, we’ve got you.
There’s more and more single dads out there, and you deserve the love and support of all single parents. Charities like Dads House are here to help single dads who are struggling with all kinds of issues, from dating to resources.
For now, here’s some of our best tips for single dads looking to start dating:

Wait a minute

It’s best to wait a little after you’ve split with your previous partner to start dating again. It can be tempting to find a new co-parent to help out right away, but holding off is the key to finding yourself and someone who really suits you.

Reflect on your past before moving into your future

Previous relationships come with baggage, no matter how hard you want to forget it. It’s important to work on yourself and perhaps even try a bit of therapy.
Carrying previous issues into a new relationship is a bad idea and it’s best to do a proper spring clean first.
Learn how to trust and how to communicate with someone new, take your time and enjoy your dating life.

Know what you want

Take the time to get to know yourself. Decide what you’re looking for in your dating life before you start and let the people you’re dating know upfront, so you don’t end up in a situation you find overwhelming or unmanageable alongside your parental responsibilities.

Try making a list of desires and deal-breakers, this way you can clearly think about what you want and what your expectations of yourself – and someone else – is.

Be open with your children

It can be very hard to start dating after you’ve had children. But don’t let your fear stop you from communicating openly and honestly with your kids – maybe not every detail though!

Keeping your communication channels open so your children can come to you with their concerns doesn’t just apply to dating, it applies to all aspects of being a parent.

Keeping secrets can make children feel even more insecure about your dating life, so telling them you have relationships and that you prioritise them, but you’re important too is key.

Dating a single dad

What is it like to date a single dad in the UK? Here’s our advice on single dad dating using Even, the dating app for single parents to take control of their love lives.

Start dating a single dad

Don’t settle!

Never, ever settle – just in case you haven’t picked up on that already. Having children is a gift, not something that makes you less desirable or less attractive to potential partners.
Actually, lots of people think dads are hot! Being more responsible and mature are great attributes, not something to shy away or be afraid of. It’s not about going back to being a 20-year old without any strings attached or jumping into something, dating as a single dad is about respecting each other, talking about your life and being able to open up about your life.

Be in touch with yourself and your feelings, and someone will come your way who you find fascinating.

Dating advice for LGBTQ+ parents

Being an LGBTQ+ parent can be a new thing for children if you’ve been in heterosexual relationships before, and it can be scary to have to come out to your own family.
But remember to always lead with love, take things slowly and explain that your identity and sexuality are very much normal and even if you’ve only just discovered it, your LGBTQ+ness has always been a part of you.

Even if you’ve always been openly LGBTQ+, talking to your children about your identity and what that means in our society now can be a challenge, too. So here’s our tips on how to date if you’re a parent who is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Discussing identity with your children

Talking about your LGBTQ+ identity with your kids can be a pivotal moment for their wellbeing.
There is no need to be afraid of your own children, and coming out to them appropriately and respectfully (of their feelings) can be a process. Let them know that every family is different and that no matter who you are dating, you will look after them and love them.

The best way to approach coming out to your children is open communication and help them to understand that your family might look different, but it is still a family, and it is still based in love.

Some useful talking points to consider are:

  • Your LGBTQ+ identity and story
  • Your family, and how it may be different to their friends’ families
  • How there are different kinds of love and family, but all are valid
  • Discrimination and prejudice, including why these are wrong and why they are not your child’s fault if they experience them.

Remember that your kids are kids, though, and being appropriate is absolutely key to coming out to them.
You’re not allowing your children into your dating life, you’re letting them know and reassuring them that no matter who you might be dating, being LGBTQ+ is perfectly normal, respectable and is just another part of your life.

Talking to your kids about your identity doesn’t have to happen all at once, try having conversations with them on a regular basis and keeping the communication channels open.


It’s normal for LGBTQ+ parents to be worried about what other kids will think at school.
If you’re worried about your children getting bullied at school because of your identity or sexuality, there are lots of ways to help them – whether that’s through the school itself or at-home support.

Talk to your children openly about your identity, sexuality, and the issues that can happen because of that.
It’s key that your kids don’t feel ashamed or that your identity is anything unusual. It will make things easier for your children if you ensure that you explain (some) of your identity to them.

  • If you’re worried that your child is being bullied, you can find advice and support from BullyingUK and Kidscape.
    It can also help to talk to your child’s school about any bullying concerns.
  • If the school is not supportive, then you, as an adult, can call out and report their illegal discrimination.
    You should not be shamed by any institution for your identity, and some schools even run classes on how to tackle prejudice and discrimination.

Finding resources to help you

Getting resourceful is a great way to introduce your younger kids to LGBTQ+ people (even if you’re not one yourself).
Teaching your children that love is love and all kinds of relationships can be loving and successful is a key part of their growth and understanding of dating and relationships.
Find books and websites like Stonewall and the Book Trust.

Niche Dating

Multicultural dating can be a rewarding and enriching experience for single parents, as it allows them to connect with potential partners who come from different backgrounds and can offer a fresh perspective on life. However, it can also be challenging, as single parents may need to navigate the complexities of their own cultural identities as well as those of their potential partners in order to form successful and meaningful relationships.

That’s why we have built Even, a free dating app designed specifically for single parents who are looking for a partner who understands the unique challenges and rewards of raising children on their own

Guide to dating as an Asian single parent

Need tips on how to start dating as an Asian single parent in the UK? Here’s a simple guide by Even on Asian dating, made easy

Check our guide for Asian single parent

Let Even support you in finding someone to fit in your family

Dating as a single parent is a journey, so there’s only one step to get it started!

If you’re ready to start dating again, even is here to support and help you take your first steps. Don’t worry – we’ll even hold your hand 😊

Just in case you have any more concerns, there are great resources to help you through transitionary periods for your family. If you’re in need of more help and advice, the Gingerbread charity has plenty of tips and a forum to ask questions.

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