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Single parent dating in Glasgow

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We’ve all got our favourite parts of Glasgow city – for us it’s going for a chicken tikka masala Murphy’s Pakora Bar.  But there are some things about Glasgow that can be a little less than perfect, even if you’re a local, and finding the time to date when you’re a single parent is one of them. Dating can take time and at Even, we know that single parents don’t always have enough of that, let alone to meet someone new.

That’s why we designed our online dating app with single parents in mind. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some time to yourself and some time to find someone special or even just having an adventure getting back out there.When we have kids, they become our entire world, but that’s all the more reason for a little self-care now and then, isn’t it?!

Are there any resources for single parents in Glasgow?

If you’re not sure about dating yet, or you could use a little help with being a single parent, we’re also here to help. There are lots of resources and support for single parents in and around the city of Glasgow and there’s nothing wrong with asking for a bit of help, trying to make new friends who are in a similar position to you or just checking out what’s out there in terms of single parent families in Glasgow. With all the help out there, here’s a quick directory of some places to turn to:

  1. One Parent Families Scotland: Providing assistance and advice to single parent families across Scotland, One Parent Families also has a podcast for those on the go who might find a little more information about being a single parent handy.
  2. Understanding Glasgow, Lone Parents: Understanding Glasgow has a wide network of support which includes single parents, they mostly campaign for change in the government and for more financial and social support for single parent families.
  3. The Spark: The Spark is a glossary of resources for single parents and the children of single parents. If you’re looking for mental health support, some advice on how to talk to your family about being a single parent or just need some impartial advice, there are plenty of places to have a look at.

A few places to enjoy date night in Glasgow

Online dating in UK has changed a bit in recent years. From dating apps to all the advice out there about how you should date and why, it can be completely overwhelming to give it another – but that’s why Even is here for single parents. You don’t have all the time and energy in the world to go on awful dates and meet people who don’t get that your family comes first. We made sure that you don’t have to worry about explaining why you can’t stay for another few drinks. It also might have been a minute since you’ve explored the dating scene near you (and we don’t blame you). So without further ado, here’s some of our best dating ideas in Glasgow:

Fun dates around Glasgow

Climb up the steps at The Lighthouse: For a skyline view, there’s nowhere better than The Lighthouse. It’s even fun to try to run up all the steps in one go (fitness recommended) and there are regular exhibitions at the indoor viewing area.

Release your inner child at R&D’s Scotland: OK, we all love our kids, but taking time to go on the big rides is still fun! Taking a great day out of your schedule to go and have an adult day at the theme park is criminally underrated – and going with someone you like is even better.

Play some games at R-Cade: Call the babysitter and get ready for vintage Mortal Combat and craft beers, R-Cade has a plethora of board games and video games for an exciting night out with someone you really like.

Date night ideas in Glasgow

Go for a fancy cuppa at Tchai-Ovna House of Tea: The best part about tea is that you can go whenever, and it’s not the longest date in the world. Ideal for a first date in Glasgow, you can catch a poetry reading or just get a little snuggly on a sofa (if you want to, that is).

Chill out at Baltic Ice Bar: Even if Glasgow is cold, you can still get colder. Whether you’re more of an adventurer that likes to ski or if you just you want to hang out with a cocktail (gloves and coats provided), the Ice Bar is nothing if not fun!

Spend an evening at the theatre: For the romantics among us, there’s nothing better than a night at the theatre. You get to dress up, feel great about yourself and spend an evening watching something without having to explain the plot to someone else. We’d recommend the Pavilion for an exceptional date night.

Is Even the dating site for me?

If you’re a single parent, we designed Even for you, but we understand if you’re not ready to date yet. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of advice for single parents who aren’t sure if they’re ready to date yet, and we’re fully supportive of people taking their time to get to know themselves – and their families – a little better.

Get started with single parent dating in Glasgow today

Here at Even, we are all about making sure single parents take some time for themselves and if they want to start dating again, we’re here to help! Whatever kind of family you have, from Asian single parents to LGBTQ+ parents, we want to make sure you are comfortable looking for someone who really suits you.

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